A Report by Five of Our Pupils.


“Monksdown Primary School is in Norris Green in Liverpool. Children between the ages 3-11 years go there. At Monksdown the children learn lessons, P.E, Maths, I.T and History. Children also take part in football, trips or school outings and after school clubs. Pupils have after school clubs such as football and card making. Miss Stewart is nice and she always comes to you when you need help. The children are good, feel safe and are very happy.”

by Jade


“Is this the school for you? Well read on to find out!”

“Firstly, I would like to mention how Ofsted awarded “good”. Surely it attracts children to this wonderful school.

The Curriculum

The children participate in a balanced and fun curriculum such as: Literacy, this helps them to write.Guided Read is one of the most important lessons, it helps us to read and partly write. Maths is a very good lesson, the children enjoy the maths.

School Dinners

School dinners is the children’s favourite by far, they love them because they have two options, hot dinner or salad bar. The majority of children choose salad bar. This school is really healthy! The dinner ladies are kind and helpful.


The teachers are great! They will help you when you’re stuck, if you are sick they will comfort you and much more. They are very kind, you’ll probably never hate it here because it’s quiet an no one gets told off!


If you go to this school you will not regret it because very pupil that has left and grown up has acquired a good thing in life that shows Monksdown is fantastic!
So will you go to this school? “

by Joseph



Monksdown is a great school.  All the teachers work very hard to make our lessons interesting and fun. Monksdown is a very friendly school.  The children are well mannered, kind, respectful and considerate to each other.

by Faye


Ibraheem and Kaitlyn

Monksdown Primary School is the very best place to go.  Friendly teachers, happy children and cool equipment, it has all you need to succeed. Surely you would like to be a part of our amazing classes and try out the fantastic equipment.

Don’t forget about the best and most hilarious headteaher of all time, Mrs. Gough!

Monksdown is a school like no other.  The school dinners are very delicious and healthy too.  Also we have lots of fun in our after school clubs.

Children have the best time in Monksdown!

by Ibraheem and Kaitlyn