LEA Representative Governors:

Mrs V. Rooke


Mr. M. Reynolds

Vice Chair:

Mrs L. Gibbons

Co-opted Governors:

Mrs M. Simpson, Mr M. Reynolds, Mrs. G. Stewart

Associate Governor:

Canon W. Todd

Parent Governors: Appointed by parents  Term of office 2 years

Mrs J. Moores,  Mrs L. Gibbons, Mrs C. Tinsley

Staff Governors: Appointed by staff  Term of office 2 years

Mr J. Crane


Mrs S. Gough

Clerk to Governors:

Mr M. Owens



The governing body’s role is to:

  • Provide a Strategic View
  • Act as a Critical Friend
  • Ensure Accountability

In practice this means:


  • Agreeing aims
  • Agreeing policies
  • Setting budget
  • Agreeing improvement plans
  • Responding to inspection


  • Plans
  • Budget
  • Standards of education


  • Recruitment
  • Dismissal
  • Admissions and appeals against exclusion


  • School Profile


  • Supporting and advising the Headteacher
Governor Type Office First Name Surname Appointed  Expiry  Declaration of Interest
 Co-opted (2 Yrs) Muriel


Simpson 16-Mar-15 15-Mar-17 None declared
 Co-opted (2 Yrs) Vice Chair Lyndsey


Gibbons 1-Nov-16 31-Oct-18 None declared
Co-opted Marjorie Mallon  None declared
1 LA (2Yrs)


Chair Martin Reynolds 1-Nov-16 31-Oct-18 None declared
Link Governor Child Protection & Safeguarding Jane


Moores 10-Oct-13 09-Oct-17 None declared
3 Parents (2 Yrs) Link Governor




Gibbons 19-Oct-15 18-Oct-17 None declared


Tinsley 10-Oct-13 09-Oct-17 None declared
(Head Teacher) Stephanie


Gough N/A N/A None declared
2 Staff (2 Yrs)
(Teacher) Jonathan


Crane 01-Oct-16 31-Sept-17 None declared
Associate Member Gillian


Stewart 01-Oct-16 31-Sept-18 None declared
Clerk Mike Owens


None declared
Attendance Record 2015-2016
25/06/15 20/10/15 16/03/16
Canon Todd: Chair LA Present Present Present
Martin Reynolds: Vice Chair Co-opted Present Present Present
Val Rooke Co-opted Present Present Absent
Muriel Simpson Co-opted Present Present Apology
Robert Pritchard Co-opted Apology Present Present
Jane Moores Parent Present Present Present
Clare Tinsley Parent Present Present Present
Lyndsey Gibbons Parent N/A Present Present
Stephanie Gough Staff Present Present Present
Matthew Holland Staff Present Present Present
Gill Stewart Associate Present Present Present
Attendance Record 2016-2017
13/10/16  10/03/17
Martin Reynolds: Chair Co-opted Present  Present
Lyndsey Gibbons: Vice Chair Co-opted Present  Present
Val Rooke Co-opted Present  Present
Muriel Simpson Co-opted Absent  Absent
Jane Moores Parent Present  Present
Clare Tinsley Parent Present  Present
Lyndsey Gibbons Parent Present  Present
Stephanie Gough Staff Present  Present
Jonathan Crane Staff Present  Present
Gill Stewart Associate Present  Present
M. Mallon Co-opted Present


Governors’ Committee Structure

Performance & Standards

(Incorporating Teaching and Learning / Inclusion / Curriculum / School Improvement)

  • Stephanie Gough
  • Muriel Simpson
  • Lyndsey Gibbons
  • Jane Moores
  • Clare Tinsley
  • Gill Stewart (associate member – no voting rights)

Resources & Health & Safety

  • Stephanie Gough
  • Val Rooke
  • Muriel Simpson
  • Martin Reynolds


  • Stephanie Gough
  • Val Rooke
  • Martin Reynolds
  • Muriel Simpson

Personnel & Staffing

  • Martin Reynolds
  • Muriel Simpson
  • Clare Tinsley
  • Val Rooke
  • Gill Stewart (Associate Member – no voting rights)