Welcome to our Reception classes

Learning Ladybirds, Fabulous Fish and Busy Bees

Our teachers are Mrs Hodgson, Miss Gough and Miss. Hodgson.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Parr, Mr. Wilcox, Mrs. Jockins, Mrs. Lancaster, Mrs. Corrigan and Mr. Anderson.

We understand that not all parents and carers can attend EYFS meetings held during the day. We have worked hard to find a resolution to this and will make sure that handouts and resources given out in the meetings will also be available via the link on this page, so that they can be printed out at your leisure. Please click here to open up a new window with these resources.

Autumn Term
Christmas stay and play with Fabulous Fish
Learning Ladybirds relaxing with yoga.
IMG_9162 IMG_9169 IMG_9159
Busy Bees having all kinds of fun together.
IMG_9425 IMG_9206 IMG_9380 IMG_9237 IMG_9423
Fabulous Fish enjoyed a beautiful autumn walk.
IMG_5409 IMG_5426 IMG_5422 IMG_5419
Busy Bees having a wonderful time on their visit to Imagine That.
Fabulous Fish have been creating patterns and learning about their senses.
IMG_4830 IMG_4883 IMG_4865 IMG_4968
Fabulous Fish having fun.



Learning Ladybirds settling in well in their first week.

Meet our brilliant Busy Bees.

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