Welcome to the new page for the website. Come back each week for new quizzes, to see brilliant work, and to celebrate all things Monksdown. This weeks quiz is Monksdown’s Guess the Teacher Assistant. Can you guess which Teaching Assistant is being described from just 3 clues? Enjoy!


Guess the TA



Year 2 had a Great Britain poster competition and the results were fantastic, so good in fact that there were three winners! Here are the fantastic posters by Max, Harry and Hanna, well done!

Congratulations to the three worthy winners of our poster competition – after so many fantastic entries these are the eventual winners, and I think you will be able to see why…



Also, take a look at this fantastic work by some of our outstanding children!


Frankie in Year 5 has produced some amazing art work, watch this video to find out how he did it.

Frankie Wileman – Art

Milosz in Year 3 would also like to tell you about some of his favourite books, click on the link below to see:

My Favourite Books by Milosz

Milosz has also been telling us all about Easter in Poland, what amazing confidence he has!

Easter in Poland – By Milosz


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