To the left, you will find out about what we teach in our school, and the skills we look for as your child progresses.

Curriculum Maps by Year Group

Curriculum Map – Year 1 2018-19

Curriculum Map – Year 2 2018-19

Curriculum Map – Year 3 2018-19

Curriculum Map – Year 4 2018-19

Curriculum Map – Year 5 2018-19

Curriculum Map – Year 6 2018-19

….. Key Skills by Year Group

Key Skills in Year 1

Key Skills in Year 2

Key Skills in Year 3

Key Skills in Year 4

Key Skills in Year 5

Key Skills in Year 6

button eng   button math
 English    Maths
button art   button sci
 Art & Design    Science
button RE   Button PE
 RE    PE
Button mus Button Com
Music Computing
button PSH Button lang
SMSC & PSHE Languages
button hist button geog
History Geography
button DT
Design Technology