Computing Long Term Plan 2020

Computer Science Progression Framework

Information Technology Progression Framework

IT Beyond School Progression Framework

Computing Policy Spring 2020

Computing at Monksdown (Intent, Implementation, Impact)

Our Vision

Technology plays a major role in everyday life and will be at the centre of a range of careers in the future. At Monksdown, we want technology to be an integral part of school life. We intend to teach our children the core skills of Computer Science not only to prepare them to study this valuable subject at Key Stage 3 and beyond but because these skills support their learning across the curriculum; promoting logic, resilience and the ability to analyse and evaluate. In addition to these core skills, it is our aim that Monksdown children are flexible and confident in their use of technology. That it enhances their learning in creative and useful ways in preparation for becoming digital citizens. It is our aim to ensure that they are able to be masters not slaves to the technology that surrounds them.

Computing: exploring scratch