Curriculum Map – DT 2018-19

Progression in Skills DT

DT Policy (available soon)


Our Vision

Design and Technology is essentially a practical activity concerned with developing the children’s ability to investigate, analyse, design, make and evaluate as part of a whole process. At Monksdown we recognise that children are living in a highly developed technological world. Design and Technology provides the children with the opportunity to develop and use a range of skills that will prepare them for a constantly changing society, increasingly dependent on technology.

Design and Technology activities will enable the children to use their creativity, imagination and social interaction skills to design and make their own products, understanding the processes from planning to making, evaluating and refinement. During the teaching of design and technology, a wide range of new skills will be acquired and the knowledge of other subjects, such as Mathematics, science, engineering, ICT and art, will be drawn upon and applied. Children will also develop the life skills and knowledge associated with healthy living, food nutrition and cookery.

Making Marble Runs

Making Marble Run Prototypes

Making periscopes