Curriculum Map – MUSIC 2020-21

Key Learning in Music – 2020-21

Assessment Criteria – Foundation Music

Progression of Skills in Music

Music Policy 2020-21


Extra-curricular Activities

Each term a varied programme of extra-curricular activities is offered to pupils, including Choir, Ukulele Club, Keyboard Club, Times Table Youtubers and Guitar Club. Due to the pandemic, our activities are presently paused, but we can’t wait to start up again as soon as it is safe to do so.

There are numerous performance opportunities during the school year and all pupils are encouraged to participate and to showcase their musical talents. Performance opportunities include assemblies, the Christmas Show/Nativity, Class termly performances, Talent Shows,

How parents can support their children

Encourage children to take music lessons and learn a musical instrument or/and how to sing
Encourage children to listen to a wide range of music – YouTube is a valuable resource
Encourage to engage in a musical activity inside or outside of school
Encourage children to attend concerts and to enjoy live music
Talk about music in the home – ask them to describe the style using musical vocabulary

Autumn 1 2020 Review

Since these units were taught, we have now moved to our new Music Curriculum; Lancashire Curriculum

Whole school: We all learned to sing ‘Down to the Allotment’ to celebrate our Harvest Festival.

Year 1: Lowrider – We have been learning how to speak and sing in time as well as use our moves to mimic car noises. We have learned to clap and play claves in time to a beat, and have learned to hold a ukulele the right way.


Year 3: Everybody Wants to Steal My Girl – We have been working on putting together the C chord and the easy F chord. Some of us can already do the full F chord.

Year 4: Best Day of My Life – We have been working on mastering switching between the C and F chord. We can also sing at the same time and add a rhythmic strum in the chorus.

Year 5: Symphony – We are nearing the end of our Ukulele units. We can fluently move between the C, F and Am chords, add rhythmic strumming patterns and sing at the same time! We have also tried playing 3 note chords on glockenspiel.

Year 6: Paperback Writer – We have begun to transfer our ukulele skills over to guitar, which has much closer strings than a ukulele. We have been learning to swap between a C and a G chord and play with a rhythm. We have also been singing in two parts!