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Curriculum Map – MUSIC 2020-21

Progression in Skills – MUSIC 2020-21

Music Policy 2020-21


  • Our school believes that Music should be fully embedded in every aspect of school life.
  • Our aspiration is that every child adopts a lifelong appreciation of music.
  • It is our vision that music lessons give the opportunity for children to become real musicians and provide a creative outlet.
  • The children participate in singing, playing instruments, composing, and listening to live and recorded music.
  • Weekly music lessons are lively and interactive.
    • They aim to foster a passion for music in children of all abilities through our bespoke school-made scheme.
    • Our curriculum is unfound anywhere else nationwide, and has been designed from the ground up specifically for Monksdown. Success is measured through development of instrumental and listening skills as well as enjoyment and engagement in lessons.
    • Our curriculum focuses on a ‘play first, theory later’ specialist approach
    • Our curriculum has been designed with a parallel, intertwined Chair Drumming and listening curriculum that is led by non-specialist class teachers, allowing for all teachers to be involved in the Music curriculum. CPD has been provided and support is regularly offered where requested.
    • Our curriculum focuses on teaching children skills they can build themselves
  • Musical visitors and WOW opportunities introduce children to classical instruments and live music.
  • Whole school singing encourages confidence and trust in each other
  • Subliminal learning is championed through rewarding children who respond with answers from wall displays, creating a circle of positive learning, key understanding and instrumental development.


Taking into account the pupils in our school, what is important for them?

Above all, the primary focus in our Music lessons is, and always will be, on enjoyment.

  • Whilst challenge is high, the children appreciate, and rise to the challenge because the enjoyment is high
  • Songs are relatable.
  • Children often set very high expectations for themselves, and use the time for self-expression and confidence building (of which many of our children so desperately need).

“It is much easier to bring someone along for the ride, than it is to drag them behind you”


What skills and knowledge do we want our children to learn and achieve?

We want our children to leave Monksdown able to:

  • Pick up an instrument, be it a ukulele, guitar, glockenspiel, keyboard or microphone and know how to create music independently as well as think creatively about how they play music.
  • Be proud of what they can play regardless of the ability they are able to achieve
  • Be confident singers, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.
  • Have an appreciation for all Music, not just the latest hit.
  • Have an awareness of what a chord is made of
  • Be able to manipulate their digits with careful dexterity to create chords, and know how chords can be combined to form a song.
  • Identify not only instruments and their related families, but to go one step further and identify instrumental sonorities such as acoustic or electric etc.
  • Have developed a rhythmic dexterity that gives them a musical advantage that will not only boost their secondary school lives, but boost their musical abilities throughout their lifetime.
  • Have an awareness of musical contexts through facts, dates and locations.

Be able to apply the inter-related dimensions of Music to their own work, particularly in relation to dynamics, tempo, texture and instrumentation.


Extra-curricular Activities

Each term a varied programme of extra-curricular activities is offered to pupils, including Choir, Ukulele Club, Keyboard Club, Times Table Youtubers and Guitar Club.

There are numerous performance opportunities during the school year and all pupils are encouraged to participate and to showcase their musical talents. Performance opportunities include assemblies, the Christmas Show/Nativity, Class termly performances, Talent Shows,

How parents can support their children

Encourage children to take music lessons and learn a musical instrument or/and how to sing
Encourage children to listen to a wide range of music – Youtube is a valuable resource
Encourage to engage in a musical activity inside or outside of school
Encourage children to attend concerts and to enjoy live music
Talk about music in the home – ask them to describe the style using musical vocabulary