Curriculum Map – MUSIC 2018-19

Progression in Skills MUSIC

Music Policy



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Our Vision

Our school believes that Music should be fully embedded in every aspect of school life. Our aspiration is that every child adopts a lifelong appreciation of music.
Music is mostly taught by our specialist music teacher across Key Stages 1 & 2 in the Mozart Room, however, Music is also taught by class teachers from EYFS and Key Stages 1 & 2. Weekly music lessons are lively and interactive aim to foster a passion for music in children of all abilities through the Charanga Music Scheme, Out Of The Ark schemes, BBC Radio schemes and bespoke school-made schemes.

It is our vision that music lessons give the opportunity for children to become real musicians and provide a creative outlet. The children participate in singing, playing instruments, composing, and listening to live and recorded music.

We provide our children with many opportunities to perform in front of an audience, reflect upon and evaluate their work.




Wider Opportunities/Musical Futures 

Wider Opps Music is taught ‘in-house’ by Mr Wilson. All children from years 1-6 have the opportunity to learn Ukulele, Recorder and Glockenspiel through our bespoke ‘Primary Futures’ Scheme based on the principles of Musical Futures. Years 5 and 6 also receive wider opps guitar. These schemes are supplemented with pitched and unpitched percussion to create multi instrument performances as a class.

How we Stretch and Challenge pupils in Music

Pupils follow a programme of study each academic year, which includes performing, composing and listening tasks. We encourage all pupils to maximise their musical potential in all of these areas, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through focusing on musical elements in lessons and switching elemental timbre on the fly, pupils develop an intrinsic understanding of keywords and improvisation.

How we deliver Numeracy in Music
Numeracy is an inherent focus of many of our Music lessons, as pupils are encouraged to work with rhythm and rhythmic notation. Note durations and rhythms are directly related to the concepts of fractions and ratio. The understanding of pulse, beat and time signatures all require an element of knowledge of numeracy.

How we deliver Literacy in Music
Pupils learn to apply subject specific vocabulary through discussion, reflection and verbal evaluation. To reinforce understanding, technical language displays are displayed in the Mozart Room. Key musical words, along with artist backgrounds are discussed in many music lessons

Extra-curricular Activities
Each term a varied programme of extra-curricular activities is offered to pupils, including Choir, Ukulele Club, Keyboard Club, Times Table Youtubers and Guitar Club.

There are numerous performance opportunities during the school year and all pupils are encouraged to participate and to showcase their musical talents. Performance opportunities include assemblies, the Christmas Show/Nativity, Class termly performances, Talent Shows,

How parents can support their children
Encourage children to take music lessons and learn a musical instrument or/and how to sing
Encourage children to listen to a wide range of music – Youtube is a valuable resource
Encourage to engage in a musical activity inside or outside of school
Encourage children to attend concerts and to enjoy live music
Talk about music in the home – ask them to describe the style using musical vocabulary