Attendance Policy 2020-21

Attendance Leaflet 2020-21


It is essential that children arrive in school on time.  No child should be kept away from school because the family overslept.  Children do not like being late for school and if they arrive late they will miss valuable teaching input. They should be brought to school with a note, no matter how late they are.  However, because persistent lateness is detrimental to a child’s education, it is monitored and could result in a letter from the headteacher who will also inform the local authority’s educational welfare officer.

Equally, please don’t arrive at school too early.   The school cannot take legal responsibility for children before 8.45am, so it is important that children arrive no earlier than ten minutes before any session begins.

If your child is late (after 9am) an adult MUST come to the school office and register the child, manually, via the electronic system.

Leaving School Early

In exceptional circumstances a child will be allowed to leave school early if :

  • A written request is received
  • A parent visits the school to give a personal explanation
  • An older brother or sister visits the school with a written request from parents.  A child will not be allowed to leave the school on his or her verbal request.
  • Children MUST be signed out, on the electronic system, by a responsible adult