There has been a recent trend on Youtube and other video websites of users uploading seemingly innocent videos that actually are unsuitable for children or even ask your child to do things and keep it a secret, even on Youtube for Kids. The following websites provide useful advice on spotting changes in your child’s behaviour, monitoring history and developing healthy online habits.

Remember to teach your children the basic rule of ‘if anything doesn’t feel right and gives you an uh-oh feeling, show and tell an adult immediately’. Its better for your child to be overly cautious and seek reassurance multiple times than think they will get in trouble for seeking your help.

I’m worried my child might see something inappropriate online

Momo challenge is ‘hacking Peppa Pig, Fortnite and YouTube Kids’ warns school

How to monitor your child’s Youtube History

How to restrict children’s Youtube Access

Report inappropriate Youtube Kids Videos (instant blocking)




Click on the links below to view a range of websites for parents, carers and family members that we hope you will find useful.

think-u-know Think You Know

Thinkuknow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command.

Since 2006, Thinkuknow has been keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Thinkuknow is unique. It is underpinned by the latest intelligence about child sex offending from CEOP Command.

Thinkuknow aims to ensure that everyone has access to this practical information – children, young people, their parents and carers and the professionals who work with them.

Alongside the Thinkuknow website the programme provides educational resources, including films, cartoons and lesson plans, to help professionals raise young people’s awareness.


KnowITAll_logo1 Childnet – Know it all

Know IT All for Parents is a unique interactive e-safety guide for parents and carers produced by Childnet International. It’s designed to really help you as a parent or carer keep up to date with how children are using the internet, and support them in using these new exciting services safely and responsibly.


download Cybersmart

Committed to helping young people have safe, positive experiences online.


cbbc+stay+safe BBC Stay Safe

Tips and tricks for children to help them stay safe online, beat the cyber-bullies and become a super-surfer.


logo  Childnet – Cyberbullying

Use this award winning selection of resources with secondary pupils, to learn about the hurt and pain that can be caused by cyberbullying.


SAMPLED_3020104_1200____   Mumsnet – Internet Safety

For information about keeping primary school-age children safe online.


Information about online safety from Merseyside Police.