School Headteacher

staffphotod (1)Mrs. S. Gough




Mrs J. Price

(September 2019)

Deputy Headteacher

Staffphotosc (3) Mrs. G. Stewart



Senior Leader

Val HodgsonMrs. V. Hodgson (EYFS)

Senior Leader

Image00001Miss K. Makin (SENCO)

Senior Leader

Staffphoto (21)Mrs. J. Bynon
(Pupil Premium)


Middle Leaders

Staffphoto (8)Mr. M. Allen


staffphotod (2)Mrs L. Campbell

(Maternity Leave)

Staffphotosc (5)Mr. S. Haughey



Class Teachers

Staffphoto (3)Ms. S. Alam

(Maternity Leave)

j balmerMrs. J. Balmer


Staffphoto (17)Mr. J. Crane


Helen GoughMs H. Gough


Staffphoto (20)Ms. S. Fawcett Emily HodgsonMiss E. Hodgson Staffphoto (10)Mrs P. Joynson Staffphotosc (7)Ms. G. Phillips
Emily RichardsonMs. E. Richardson Staffphoto (11)Mrs. A. Smith Staffphoto (7)Ms. F. Spalvieri Staffphoto (13)Mr. A. Wignall
Image00002Mr. J. Taylor Image00002Mr. L. Corrigan  (September 2019) Image00001Miss R. Farley  (September 2019) Image00001Miss L. Jones  (September 2019)

Support Teachers

Staffphoto (12)Mrs. G. Annal


A MrozikMrs. A. Mrozik

Image00002Mr. A. Wilson
Music/IT Support


Teaching/Support Assistants

Staffphoto (2)Mr J. Anderson T ChishamMrs. T. Chisam Staffphotosc (2)Ms M. Connolly Gill CorriganMs G. Corrigan
Staffphoto (5)Mrs C. Cox Staffphotosc (8)Mrs E. Allen Staffphotosc (4)Mrs A. Gorman Staffphoto (4)Mrs C. Hayes (HLTA)
staffphotod (3)Mr M. Holland Cheryl JockinsMrs C. Jockins Fiona LancasterMrs. F. Lancaster Staffphotosc (6)Mrs A. Mbengue
Image00001Mrs D. McGlinchey Miss MorrisMrs C. Morris Staffphoto (15)Mrs T. Parr Staffphoto (18)Mr J. Railton
Staffphoto (19)Mrs E. Shaw Staffphoto (9)Mrs. T. Simmons Staffphoto (22)Ms A. Power Staffphoto (14)Mr C. Wilcox
Staffphoto (16)Mrs C. Housbey, Sam JonesMrs S. Jones Staffphoto (1)Mrs S. Smith Staffphoto (6)Miss E Hague
daniel mooreMr D. Moore Image00001Miss C Addison lloydMrs. A. Lloyd    Nursery Nurse Julie WrightMiss J. Wright     Nursery Nurse
Image00001Miss L. Rigby (September 2019) Image00001Miss S O’Toole (September 2019)    

Support Staff

Admin Officer

Image00001Mrs. J. Leadbetter

Admin Apprentice

S LambMs S Lamb

Attendance Officer/ Welfare Assistant

Image00001Mrs. P. Daly

Site Manager

Image00002Mr. A Rowson



(September 2019)

 School Chef

Image00001Mrs. L. Clarke






Learning Mentor

Image00002Mrs. M. Bernia

The role of our Learning Mentor is to:

  • Run breakfast club – a good start to the day
  • Help you to make more friends
  • Set a good example
  • Give you support at difficult times
  • Run after-school activities
  • Listen to what you have to say


Catering Assistants

Mrs. J. Edwards, Mrs. P. Malone, Mrs. H. McGreevy, Mrs. D. Parry. 

Supervisory Assistants

Miss C. Addison, Mrs J. Bird, Mrs E. Bishop, Mrs J. Chiocchi, Mrs C. Cox, Mrs D. Deary, Mrs L. Griffiths, Miss J. Gledhill, Mrs C. Housbey,  Mrs S. Jones, Mrs D. McGlinchey, Mrs C. Morris, Mr J. Railton, Miss J. Widdup, 

School Cleaners

Mrs J. Bird, Mrs L. Griffiths, Miss J. Goulding, Mrs M. Prior, Miss J. Widdup, Mrs M. Chrostek.

School Health Practitioner

Kerrie Guthrie
Norris Green Clinic,
Townsend Avenue,
Liverpool L11

Tel: 0151 256 9273