Welcome to Year 6 Class 1 (6F)

Our class teacher is Mrs. Fawcett and our teaching assistant is Mrs.Shaw.

Autumn Term 2019


Summer Term 2019

Week of 24/06/2019: John Hulley Statue Unveiled by Princess Anne. Some year 6 pupils attended this after working with Marvel comic artist Tim Quinn who made a comic about John Hulley.

Week of 11/06/2019: Marvel’s Tim Quinn, who came to do a workshop with us.

Week of 11/06/2019: NSPCC Visit

Week of 29/04/2019: Year 6 revising for GPS using singing ad drama (Anchor Creative Education)

Spring Term 2019

Week of 01/04/2019: The Pop Project

Week of 01/04/2019: Easter Bingo

Week of 03/03/2019: Tim Burton Study


Week of 11/02/2019: In Music we learned to play the chords of C and G on guitar, and combined it with keyboard, microphone and drumkit to perform The Beatles’ Paperback Writer.


Week of 28/1/19: Art

Week of 28/1/19: Year 6 Crucial Crew Visit

Week of 7/1/19: Investigating light in science

Week of 7/1/18: Making periscopes

Week of 7/1/18: Exploring Ratio

Autumn Term 2018

Creating electrical circuits in science.

IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0289 IMG_0283


Finding out about Ancient Egypt at the museum.

IMG_0295 IMG_0299 IMG_0316 IMG_0309

Learning about different forms of travel with Merseytravel.


6F have been studying the work of William Morris. After choosing an example of his work, they used it to inspire them to produce their own drawing, then used the drawing to help them create a printing tile. Finally they used the tile to make their own William Morris style print.

IMG_9609IMG_9611 IMG_9610  IMG_9608

Some of the children in year 6 did Swim Safe training down at the Albert Dock.

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