Welcome to Year 4 Class 1 (Mr Corrigan)

Our teacher is Mr. Corrigan and our teaching assistant is Miss Addison.

Autumn Term 2019

Week of 18/11/2019: 4.1 practised the skill of weaving, as we look forward to weaving with cotton. The focus is African style patterns.

Week of 18/11/2019: 4.1 have been exploring food chains and habitats. The children listed animals which can be seen in the local area.

Week of 18/11/2019: 4.1 consolidating multiplication knowledge through the use of multiplication pyramids.

Week of 12/11/2019: 4.1 explored a selection of Bonfire Night themed poetry and we discussed the various poetic features. The children then wrote their own.

Week of 04/11/2019: Autumn Collage additional homework.

4.1 Autumn Collage additional homework

Week of 22/10/2019: 4.1 performed Human in our Arts assembly on Friday. We learned to play the piece in just two lessons!

Week of 22/10/2019: The children have been bar modelling to help solve one and two-step word problems.

Week of 22/10/2019: Warning tales in English- Extreme Weather how to prepare for an extreme weather event.

Week of 15/10/2019: Science Day – Digestion System 

Week of 10/10/2019: 4.1 perform ‘Best Day of My Life’ on C and F chords, over multiple instruments. We have been learning to play the chords in succession ahead of adding more chords in future performances.

Week of 09/10/2019: Liverpool Museum Trip

 Week of 23/09/2019: We have been learning to play ‘Best Day of My Life’ on ukulele and keyboard since September by using the C and F chords.

Summer Term 2019

Week of 24/06/2019: 3C Weeding, gardening,picking strawberries from the edible garden.

Week of 11/06/2019: Maths Buzz problem solving

Week of 11/06/2019: Ancient Greece Day

Week of 11/06/2019: Quentin Blake Author study

Week of 21/05/2019: Ancient Greek sunset-creations

Week of 13/05/2019: Gymnastics!

Week of 13/05/2019:


Week of 06/05/2019: Martin Mere Trip

Spring Term 2019

Week of 01/04/2019: Pop Project

Week of 01/04/2019: Easter Cards

Week of 18/03/2019: Cooking Chinese Stir Fry

Week of 18/03/2019: We are learning to perform ‘Jambalaya’, and today took a break from ukulele to learn the glockenspiel/keyboard part and recap our singing.

Week of 11/02/2019: 3C making family meals (chicken curry)

Week of 11/02/2019: 3C making Stone Age axes

Week of 28/01/2019: Cookery

Week of 21/01/2019: Gymnastics

Week of 21/01/2019: Stone Age Experience Day

Week of 21/01/2019: Visit to the extension construction site.

Week of 21/01/2019: Art

Week of 14/1/18: Stone Age Cookery

Week of 14/1/18: Reading Plus

Week of 7/1/18: Gymnastics. Body Management

Autumn Term 2018

On our readathon day we did lots of interesting activities based around the book Giraffes Can’t Dance. We wore our pyjamas and brought in our favourite book



Enjoying our P.E. lessons.

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