Welcome to Year 2 Class 2 (Miss Bynon)

Our teacher is Miss Bynon and our teaching assistant is Miss Crosbie.

Autumn Term 2019

 Week of 16/09/2019: 2.2 Using search terms in Google

Summer Term 2019

 Week of 08/07/2019: Talk for Writing – Highlighting new words

 Week of 08/07/2019: Croxteth Park

 Week of 08/07/2019: Planting broad bean plants

 Week of 08/07/2019: Investigation into what plants need

 Week of 08/07/2019: Hook for Where the Wild Things Are – Investigating mysterious cave.

Spring Term 2019

Week of 25/03/2019

1U beebot

Week of 18/03/2019: Animal Hunt

1U Animal hunt and Palm Sunday

Week of 18/03/2019: Palm Sunday

1U Animal hunt and Palm Sunday (2)

Week of 18/03/2019

1u emergency

Week of 11/03/2019

1U Art
1U COmputing

Week of 03/03/2019:


Week of 05/03/2019: Pancake Day

Week of 05/03/2019: 1U Science – sorting animals

Week of 05/03/2019: Year 1 making pancakes!

Week of 28/1/2019: Children writing about settings in their Hot Task

Week of 21/01/2019: 1U have been learning the basics of ukulele and keyboard in Music

Autumn Term 2018

It was great fun creating an action painting in the same way Jackson Pollock used to do.

IMG_0161 (1) IMG_0139 (1) IMG_0127 (1)

We have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. We tried different ways of creating art that looked like his action paintings.

IMG_9889  IMG_9886 IMG_9885