Welcome to Year 3 Class 3 (Miss Farley)

Our teacher is Miss Farley and our teaching assistant is Miss Crosbie.

Autumn 2020


Summer 2020

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Spring 2020

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Week of 08/03/2020: Germs and washing our hands.

Week of 08/03/2020: World Book Day

Week of 02/02/2020: We performed Hands Feet Heart on percussion, ukulele (chords C and F) and keyboard after four short lessons.


Week of 02/02/2020: 2.1 Chef Joe came in to make Italian pizza with us. We loved learning Italian and enjoyed eating our pizzas.

Week of 02/02/2020: Maths – Today we made multiplication, division and addition equations to match arrays.

Week of 13/01/2020: We performed Hands Feet Heart on percussion instruments and with our voices. We will soon be learning it on ukulele too!


Week of 13/01/2020: Our new topic is explorers. We are currently exploring China. We looked at different Chinese food and made Chinese fried rice.

Week of 13/01/2020: Today a real explorer (called Harvey Atlas) came in to tell us all about his exciting adventures.

Autumn Term 2019

Week of 08/12/2019: Christmas story trip to Bethel Church.

Week of 08/12/2019: The lost reindeer found at Monksdown Primary.

Week of 25/11/2019: Art week day one. We looked at different mediums and decided evaluated which medium was the best to use and why.

Week of 12/11/2019: ICT with Mr Pete. Today we enjoyed going on ‘scratch’ to make our cat character move.

Week of 12/11/2019: Today we looked at algorithms with Mr Pete. We enjoyed making our own dance sequences.

Week of 12/11/2019: Today we loved working with Jade and Megan from Liverpool Football Club Foundation. We took part in lots of different sporting activities.

Week of 04/11/2019: 2.1 RE

Week of 22/10/2019: Art – linked with our topic habitats and mini beasts in the style of Eric Carle.

Week of 22/10/2019: Maths – using number lines and the whole part model to add and subtract 2-digit numbers.

Week of 15/10/2019: 2.1 Cooking – carrot and onion tart.

Week of 15/10/2019: 2.1 Our trip to Formby beach – looking at different habitats and the living things in them.

Week of 09/10/2019: English – We created a story map for our story ‘Unicorn’

2.1. English - We created a story map for our story ‘Unicorn’

Week of 09/10/2019: Maths – Counting in 10s

Week of 09/10/2019: English- Today we looked at subheadings. Working as a group, we sorted information on Elephants into 4 different subheadings

Week of 24/09/2019: We have been learning to perform the Macarena on Ukulele!

Week of 24/09/2019: Class 1 used iPads to search for summer related search terms on safari and Google. Children then viewed the search results ranging from images to local shops on the maps page.
Children later used Youtube as a learning by watching youtubers draw various ice creams, and trying to draw those designs themselves.

Week of 24/09/2019: Yoga

Week of 24/09/2019: Science

Week of 24/09/2019: Cooking – Colourful Autumn Coleslaw

 Week of 16/09/2019: 2.1 Ed from Anchor Creative workshop – capital letters and full stop

Week of 16/09/2019: 2.1 Actions to Jack and the Beanstalk – rags to riches tale and highlighting groups of 3

Week of 16/09/2019: 2.1 – Grouping 10s and 1s

Summer Term 2019

Week of 06/07/2019: Geography Mapping Skills

Geography Mapping Skills

Week of 29/04/2019: 1B acted out the story of George and the dragon

Spring Term 2019

Week of 01/04/2019: Chicks and Farm

Week of 01/04/2019: Beebots

1B Beebots

Week of 18/03/2019: 1B made Peter Rabbit carrot cake

1B made Peter Rabbit carrot cake

Week of 05/03/2019: Year 1 making pancakes!

Week of 04/02/2019: 1B have been learning the song ‘Round and Round’, and have started adding sound effects and percussion instruments to each section.

Week of 21/01/2019: 1B have been learning the basics of ukulele and keyboard in Music

Week of 21/01/2019: 1B had fun in the snow

Week of 14/1/18: We have been learning about tens and ones with numbers to 50.

Week of 14/1/18: 1B acted out the story of The Storm Whale

Autumn Term 2018

1B acted out the story of Quackling.



We did some action painting in the same way that Jackson Pollock did. It was great fun and very messy!

IMG_9766  IMG_9760











We have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock in our art lessons. We have tried out different ways of using paint in the same way he did, squirting, splattering and dripping it. This week we used wool to create a piece of art that looked like a Jackson Pollock painting.

IMG_8345 IMG_8347 IMG_8341


Finding pumpkins and corn.

1B finding pumpkins and corn