Welcome to Reception Class 3 (Miss Richardson)


Spring 2021

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Autumn 2020

Month of 12/2020: R.3 have really been embracing the Christmas spirit this week! Decorating the tree, wrapping presents, and role playing as Santa and elves making, giving out and eating biscuits.

Week of 22/11/2020: R.3 Art Week

Week of 09/11/2020: R.3 This week, inspired by our book Whatever Next, we have been learning about light and dark. We have lots of glow in the dark things in our class and we have been looking at them with our UV torches.

Week of 18/10/2020: This week we have been learning about the harvest that happens in Autumn. The children enjoyed investigating and decorating pumpkins. They also had a go at chopping vegetables and we made some pumpkin soup. It was delicious!

Week of 28/09/2020: R.3 We really enjoyed exploring the sea creatures in jelly. It felt cold and slimy on our hands.

Week of 21/09/2020: Inspired by our book, “The Journey,” we went on our journey to the dinner hall and took pictures of things we saw along the way. Later, we looked at a map of our school and put the pictures we had taken in the correct place on the map.

Week of 21/09/2020: This week we have been acting out our story of ‘The Journey’ with our story map. We have also acted out the journey of the boat in the water tray, including getting it stuck in the “mud”.

Week of 07/09/2020: Look how well we have settled into our first week of Reception! We have been very busy exploring our new environment, making new friends and learning our new routines.