Monksdown School Council

Our School Council consists of 20 councillors, one girl and one boy from every class from year 2 upwards.  Each of these children was elected by their classmates to represent them in the council meetings.  We hold these meetings every fortnight.  We have class meetings on the weeks in-between to report back to the class and discuss anything that they want taking to the council.

The council deal with many different issues ranging from what games should be allowed on the playground to whether classes should be allowed a pet.

Many of our councillors enjoy the experience so much that they try for election again the following year or go on to be councillors in their secondary school.

Our School Council for 2018-2019

2.1 Corey Forster  Ophelia Clarke
2.2 Chloe Kilcourse Charlie McCreadie
2.3 Jack Price Jessica Hajas
3.1 Jason He Rosa O’Connell
3.2 Ollie Stubbins Jessica Boughton
3.3 Aiden Evans Cianna Lowndes
4.1 Billy Jones Harriewt-lily Davis
4.2 Megan Veidman (PHOTO NOT ALLOWED ON WEB ) Dylan McKibben
5.1 L.J. Taylor Tya Odunsi
5.2 Maye Gueye Malek Benesa
6.1 Jessica Burgess Daniel Kennedy-Lyons
6.2 Devansh Kala Demileigh McKeown




This term the council discussed what sort of play equipment could be added to the tin on the KS2 yard. Their ideas have been forwarded to Mrs. Price.