Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Class 2.1 (Miss Grice)


Welcome to Year 2 Class 1 (Mrs Grice)


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Learning Letter
Year 2 Learning Letter Spring 2



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Parents guide to Phonics Parents Guide to English Parents guide to Maths

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Phase Five Phonics – how to say the sounds


Phonics Play Website

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Free Websites and Apps to support Reading and Phonics



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A interactive classroom working wall to help with the latest English Unit     

Grammar Dictionary

Year 2 Grammar explained


Vocabulary Ninja Mini Games

Games designed to improve and enhance your child vocabulary  


Teacher Talk Video Guides

An interactive classroom working wall to support the current Maths Unit Maths Representations 

Subtracting Finding the difference representations
Subtracting 1 digit from 2 digits representations
Subtracting 2 digit from 2 digits representations   
Here are some additional activities in the areas we have already covered 
Y2 Place Value 
Addition and Subtraction

Y2 Money
 Y2 Multiplication
Y2 Division


What’s going on in Year 2…

January 2021 – March 2021

Remote Learning – our fantastic children in Year 2 have blown our socks off with the work they have done while in Lockdown. 



Celebrating Reading 1st March- 5th March (featuring World Book Day 2021)


8th- 15th March British Science Week ‘Innovating for the future’


December 2020

Christmas Presentations

Nothing could stop us from making sure we performed for our Monksdown families..even if it was a bit different this year.

Winter Art

Year 2 investigated blending with different mediums like chalk, pastels and water-colours.


Santa Visit
It looks like Year 2 were most definitely on the good list this year…


November 2020

The Land of Make Believe
Year 2 read the story ‘The Jolly Postman’ and it took us on a very unexpected road to visits from wolves delivering letters, creating maps to tell stories, innovating with post-its, using technology to help us write and becoming experts in all things fairy tale! If you think we are exhausted…you’d be wrong. Year 2 are just getting started! Watch the video to see some of our work…



Body Building 

2.1 investigated the impact different exercises have on our health


October 2020


We became seasonal chefs in October and learned more about where out food came from



September 2020


We took part in a writing project in September based on the book ‘Journey’. 

‘Me’ in a bag’

We discussed what made us special and unique