Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Class 6.1 (Mrs Fawcett)


Welcome to Year 6 Class 1

Our teacher is Mrs Fawcett. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Foster and Mrs Dugdale.

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Learning Letter 

SATS Revision Help – Click on the links for past papers, revision guides and games to help stay in touch with key skills leading up to the SATS

IXL have separate pages of skills linked to individual Year group.  The Y6 page has links to practise both English and Maths skills.  Pages are then split into skills of which has a practise question for the children to think about.

BBC Education have produced a whole host of materials for KS2.  Follow the KS2 link and then select either Maths or English.   Each area usually has an information section for reading, plus an activity and then quiz which is marked online.  Some aspects require a subscription.

A site with both Maths and English based quizzes which are marked as you go along.

A site with a range of information and questions – great for revision purposes!

A revision site based upon the old Key Stage 2 Tests but still contains lots of useful information for both Maths and English.

A site with links to  old style Key Stage 2 Maths Papers, Maths Tutorials as well as Maths Games.  Some of these games are linked to Memory and would therefore help pupils to retain key information.

These are “old style” Key Stage 2 test papers but are still useful for practise, and in particular, creating discussion around questions and strategies to answer.  View on screen or print off for free.  Best used

This site has loads of Maths games which help to practise a range of skills.

Loads of Maths games on a range of Mathematical concepts.

A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns.

Arithmetic –  This website has lot’s of practice papers for the arithmetic SATs Test (with answers). Great for practice at home

Times Tables Rockstars –  We have invested in pupil licenses for Times Tables Rockstars. Children can enter the Garage or Arena sections of either the website or the app and practise their times tables revision at home. Each has been set according to your child’s specific needs. 

Corbett Maths – revision practise –

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

  • Bitesize – Spelling and grammar Poor spelling and grammar can be really confusing! A good understanding of spelling and grammar will make you a better writer, reader and all round communicator. Help with nouns, adjective, punctuation and lots more !
  • Bitesize – Writing Writing is an important part of communicating with others. You need to write in a way your reader can easily understand what you are trying to tell them. Use this site to write in different genres.
  • Bitesize – Reading Reading fiction and non fiction texts including adverts, dictionaries and poetry. Learn how to look at language, layout and meaning.

Winter 2023

Winter 2022

Winter 2021

Spring 2020

Click here for the Year 6 Homework Grid Spring 2

Week of 08/03/2019: 6.1 had a fantastic morning learning about lots of different career opportunities. We are looking forward to working with the team over the next few weeks.

Week of 01/03/2020: World Book Day

Week of 01/03/2020: 6.1 took part in the crucial crew event which taught us about keeping safe.

Week of 01/03/2020: 6.1 investigating how exercise affects our heart rate.

Week of 20/01/2020: We shared what we have been learning about e-safety with parents and pupils.

Autumn Term 2019

Week of 02/12/2019: 6.1 really enjoyed making stars as part of our class decorations.

Week of 02/12/2019: 6.1 Having great fun meeting the reindeer.

Week of 02/12/2019: After exploring the work of Susie Lacome, we designed and created our own collages, using gingerbread houses as our inspiration.

Week of 25/11/2019: This week we have been investigating light sources and how light travels.

Week of 18/11/2019: Odd Sock Day

Week of 18/11/2019: 6.1 helping to raise money for children in need by wearing spots and all things Pudsey.

Week of 18/11/2019: 6.1 enjoyed an anti bullying workshop with Mrs Bernia.

Week of 18/11/2019: 6.1 developing their teamwork skills as part of an LFC training session.

Week of 09/10/2019: Art

Week of 09/10/2019: 6.1 enjoying PE, experimenting with different jumps

Week of 09/10/2019: Football and literacy morning

Week of 16/09/2019: 6.1 in their Anchor Creative Education workshop. Enjoying learning about relative pronouns

Summer Term 2019

Week of 15/07/2019: Year 5 have been creating pop up books as a creative way of presenting our ghost stories. We looked at a range of pop ups and flaps to showcase our writing in a different way. We are so excited to read these to Year 1 next week. 

Week of 15/07/2019: Batik Design – painting and peeling off the wax.

Week of 15/07/2019: 5H Batik Designs – drawing design and waxing

Week of 08/07/2019: Thank you to all of the parents that were able to attend the graduation ceremony. The children have worked extremely hard throughout the whole project and it was a truly eventful day.

Week of 17/06/2019: 5H Painting Islamic Tiles

Week of 11/06/2019: We went out to plant our sunflowers that we had planted in Norris Green park and enjoyed some strawberries whilst we were there

5H We went out to plant our sunflowers that we had planted in Norris Green park and enjoyed some strawberries whilst we were there

Week of 11/06/2019: Islamic Tiles

Week of 20/05/2019: 5H enjoyed an eventful science day at Croxteth Park. We searched for mini beasts, went on a scavenger hunt and identified different leaves. We also had time for a game of footy!

 Week of 20/05/2019: Litter pick and planting sunflower seeds with FONGP

 Week of 20/05/2019: We have been looking at ghost stories in 5H. In groups, we planned our own stories using images from the mysteries of Harris Burdick

Spring Term 2019

Week of 01/04/2019:  Trip to Martin Mere. We created our own mammals with props, focusing on different features

5H Trip to Martin Mere. We created our own mammals with props, focusing on different features

Week of 18/03/2019: We learned how to play a simple piece of music with A B G on the glockenspiel

Week of 18/03/2019: The peace project

Week of 18/03/2019: Planting Sweetcorn

Week of 11/02/12019: 5H Peace Project

Week of 11/02/2019: Art

Week of 04/02/2019: We looked at an image of the Highway Man and generated ideas about who he may be and where he may be going. We also considered possible questions about the image.

Week of 04/02/2019: Internet Safety Day

Week of 04/02/2019:  We used numicon to support us with our work on fractions.

Week of 04/02/2019:  We researched different religions using a range of resources

Week of 04/02/2019: 5H have been working hard with their families at home. Look at this fantastic additional homework!

Week of 04/02/2019: We looked at a range of art that incorporated weather as the main theme. We used a view finder, to focus on one section and sketch parts that displayed different types of weather.

Week of 04/02/2019: Children from Year 5 enjoyed reading stories to some Ellergreen Nursery children

Week of 28/1/19: Our Music lesson involved us learning to perform ‘Songbird’ through guitar, keyboard, drumkit and singing.

Week of 28/1/19: We looked at a range of art that incorporated weather as the main theme. We used a view finder, to focus on one section and sketch parts that displayed different types of weather.

Week of 28/1/19: 5H Recycling Assembly

Week of 14/1/19: Due to the amount of activity logged by 5H last term, our whole class were awarded with a brand new sports bag.

Week of 14/1/19: Earth and Space – Today we had a science morning and completed a variety of different activities. We looked at different times zones, learned about the phases of the moon, researched famous scientists and created a model of the sun, Earth and moon.

Week of 14/1/19: Morse Code:

Week of 7/1/19: Ordering fractions and finding equivalents

Week of 7/1/19: Learning our new finding tale text: The children worked as a class, then in groups and finally in pairs to learn part of our new text with actions.

Autumn Term 2018

Some of our year 5 science high flyers visited St. John Bosco to study the heart and circulatory system.

20181113_131313   20181113_131445_001


Sending messages by semaphore.

IMG_5799 IMG_5801 IMG_5796 (1)

Working in our pyjamas on Readathon day.

IMG_5822   IMG_5824  IMG_5827


We made sculptures based on the giants that visited Liverpool.

Learning about the Vikings from our visitors on Viking day.

IMG_5670 IMG_5642 IMG_5678

We also made Viking board games.

IMG_5555 IMG_5556


Enjoying playing the ukulele, keyboard and xylophone in our music lesson.


Some of the children in year 5 did Swim Safe training down at the Albert Dock.

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