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Year 2 Remote Learning




Welcome to Year 2’s Learning Page.    

Hi Year 2, 

The plans below contain the work for each week. We expect that your child will complete these activities if they are isolating or working from home.

Simply click on the writing under ‘This Week’s Plan’ to find their work for the week. Once on the weekly work plan. there are clickable links to work for your child to complete each day of that week. There are also websites and videos to support your child’s learning included on the plans. You can either complete the work in exercise books (provided in their packs) or on the computer. 

How to send in your work

You can contact your teacher and send photographs of your child’s work to this email address.


This Week’s Plan
Remote Learning Y2


Suggested Timetable

9:00-9:30 Have your breakfast and get your work space all set up

9:30-10:00 Phonics

10 -1040 Reading activity

 10:35-10:50 have a break and a snack

11:00-12:00 Maths activities and Numbots

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 wider curriculum lesson

2:30- 3:00 enjoy a moment with a book you love.


Click on the logos below to get onto  the different apps
Times Table Rockstars (TTRockstars)
Numbots  Bug Club Lexia – This is only used if you have been given an account for this app



Teacher Talk 

Parents guide to Phonics Parents Guide to English Parents guide to Maths
Teacher Talk Videos Guides

Phase Five Phonics – how to say the sounds


Phonics Play Website

Password: home


Free Websites and Apps to support Reading and Phonics



Teacher Talk Video Guides 

A interactive classroom working wall to help with the latest English Unit     

Grammar Dictionary

Year 2 Grammar explained


Vocabulary Ninja Mini Games

Games designed to improve and enhance your child vocabulary  


Teacher Talk Video Guides

An interactive classroom working wall to support the current Maths Unit    Maths Representations 

Subtracting Finding the difference representations
Subtracting 1 digit from 2 digits representations
Subtracting 2 digit from 2 digits representations   
Here are some additional activities in the areas we have already covered 
Y2 Place Value 
Addition and Subtraction

Y2 Money
 Y2 Multiplication
Y2 Division



Previous work  (starting from January 2021)


Previous Weeks Plans January 2022
Year 2 Remote Learning (31st January-4th February)
Year 2 Remote Learning (10th-14th January)
 Previous Plans from January 2021 onwards Previous 

PE Plans  


Wellbeing Plans 

 Previous Art Clubs

Remote Learning Year 2 11th-!5th January 2021

 Remote Learning – PE – KS1 – 11.1.21 Wellbeing EYFS – KS1 11.1.21 Vincent-Van-Gogh-Art-Club.-1

Remote Learning Year 2 18th-22nd January 2021

remote learning – PE – KS1 – 18.1 Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 18.1.21 Antony Gormley – Art Club. (1) 

Remote Learning Year 2 25th-29th

PE plan 25th January-29th January – KS1 Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 25.1.21 PDF[8292] Frida Khalo – Art Club.

Remote Learning Year 2 1st February -5th February 2021

Remote learning – PE – KS1 – 1.2.21  Childrens Mental Health Week Wellbeing Plan 1.2.21 PD Banksy – Art Club Week 4

Remote Learning Year 2 8th February -12th February

remote learning – PE – KS1 – 8.2.21 Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 8.2.21 PDF1 Andy Warholl – Art Club
Remote Learning Plan Year 2 22nd February – 26th February PE plan 22.02.21-26.02.21 Wellbeing KS1 22.2.21 Jackson Pollock
Remote Learning Plan Year 2 1st – 5th March Remote learning – PE – KS1 – 1.3.21 (1) ) Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 1.3.21 PDF (1 Jackson Pollock
Children returned to school on the 8th March
Please use the plans if your are having to isolate from school
Remote Learning Plan Year 2 8th-12th March remote learning – PE – KS1 – weekly
15th-19th March Y2 Remote Learning Plan updates
Monday 22nd- Friday 26th March Y2 Remote Learning Plan 
Monday 12th April- Friday 16th April Y2 Remote Learning Plan  
Tuesday 4th- Friday 7th May Y2 Remote Learning Plan 2021  




  Jerusalema Challenge



Additional Resources

Safer Internet Day 2021 Year 2

Heart art activity #heartsofliverpool

World Religion Day Assembly


Teacher Photo Quiz

Year 2 – Who’s That Teacher

Year 1 – Who’s That Teacher

Previous Weeks Work 2020


Autumn Term 2020

Remote learning for Year 2 16th-20th November 2020

Remote learning for Year 2 23rd-26th November 2020