Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Year 4 Class 2 (Mrs Joynson)


Welcome to Year 4 Class 2 (Mrs Joynson)

Our teacher is Mrs Joynson and our teaching assistant is Miss Murphy.

Spring 2021

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Autumn 2020

Month of 12/2020: Art Week

Week of 09/11/2020: Creating a timeline for 17century in history.

Week of 18/10/2020: Oscar Susinki showing some of the homework he did.

Week of 05/10/2020: 6.2 have been looking at camouflaged animals in art and had a lesson on how to draw fur.

Summer 2020

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Spring 2020

Click here for the Year 3 Homework Grid Spring 2



Autumn Term 2019

Week of 02/12/2019: 3.3 have been learning over the last few weeks to play the song ‘Jambalaya’. We have been learning to fluently play the chords C and F on ukulele, glockenspiel, keyboard and percussion.

Week of 12/11/2019: 3.3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Pier Head where they took the ‘ferry across the Mersey.’ Armed with their clipboards, activity book and pencils the children recorded the iconic buildings they saw as they sail.


Week of 04/11/2019: 3.3 worked hard to develop their problem solving skills in maths.

Week of 15/10/2019: 3.3 used Dienes blocks to experiment with 3 digit numbers and understand the value of each digit.

Week of 15/10/2019: 3.3 enjoyed having some ‘Golden Time’ on Friday. This was thanks to the children being able to add a piece on to our Mr Potato head every time we have had 100% attendance. Well done and keep it up class 3.3.

Week of 23/09/2019: We have been learning to play ‘Everybody Wants to Steal My Girl’ on ukulele and keyboard since September by using the C and F chords.

Week of 16/09/2019: Talk 4 Write: Class 3.3 have had fun learning and retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

Summer Term 2019

Week of 06/07/2019: Readathon: Children in Monksdown love reading so much we even do it for charity! Dropping everything to read whenever the bell rang!

Reading Family Fun Event: Reading was at the center of everything for this family fun event: book sales; fun games; character descriptions; the list could go on! A great time was had by all.
World Book Day: Key Stage 1 dressed as frogs to celebrate world book day to celebrate the book Tuesday. Each class visited another teacher to learn a different aspect from the book – don’t they all look great!

Week of 08/07/2019: Investigating Shapes in Maths.

Week of 08/07/2019: Our Wonderful class assembly showing our journey through music in Year 2.

Week of 08/07/2019: The Peace Project, a great day learning about acceptance of, and helping of, all people.


Week of 24/06/2019: Cookery!

 Week of 17/06/2019: We have been learning to play recorder this week.

Spring Term 2019

Week of 01/04/2019:  A lovely visit from the chicks

Week of 01/04/2019: What a wonderful visit from the farm – Mr Allen even got to become a farm and catch a lamb, it was not as easy as it looked!

Week of 25/03/2019: 2A have been investigating germs and why it is so important to wash our hands properly

Week of 18/03/2019: Art created by year 2. They are sculptures based on the work of Anthony Gormley.

Week of 03/03/2019: We played Ukulele, learning the chords C and F. Those of us confident enough played the F chord in the song whilst those of us who wanted more practice played the C chord of the song.

Week of 28/01/2019: National Handwriting Day

Week of 21/01/2019: Using mathematical language to write word problems in Maths

Week of 21/01/2019: Printing in Art

Week of 21/01/2019: Playing in the snow

Autumn Term 2018

Learning a new story in talk for write.

IMG_7121 IMG_7124

Science – testing different materials to see which ones are waterproof.

IMG_7113 IMG_7116

IMG_7114 IMG_7115

Enjoying our books in our pyjamas on Readathon day.

IMG_7160 IMG_7155

We have been looking at how different artists painted portraits. We chose two that we liked and picked one to mix colours that matched it. We have also created our own self-portrait.

IMG_9727  IMG_9720  IMG_9719

IMG_9723  IMG_9726  IMG_9724

After our portraits were framed and put on display, we chose two that we particularly liked and put a smiley face post-it note on them. We also chose one that we liked but which we thought could be improved and put a different post-it note on that.