Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School



Children’s Mental Health Week – 1.2.21 – 7.2.21

Important Information for Parents

DailyXpress sessions run by MYA’s Raise Team these will be streamed every day at 11:30-12:00. Each session will cover an aspect of emotional wellbeing , including a fun challenge or creative activity that all the family can participate in.

Monday – Mixed Monday:

Tuesday – Talk Tuesday:

Wednesday – What number Wednesday?:

Thursday – Tame it Thursday:

Friday – Feel good Friday:


Last year we decorated our homes with rainbows to bring a smile to people’s faces. This year we would like to decorate Liverpool with hearts to brighten someone’s day.

Can you decorate a heart, write or draw all the positive things such as things that make you and your family happy and then display it in your window? Take a photo, upload it to Twitter or email your teacher and let’s spread some positivity and make someone smile.

#heartsofliverpool PDF

Stories read by EYFS staff for Children’s Mental Health Week 

Mrs Thornton – Ruby’s Worry:

Miss Richardson – The Colour Monster:

Mrs Balmer – The Worrysaurus:

Mrs Williams – Don’t Worry Little Crab:

Miss Wright – The Lion Inside:

Awa – reading a story in French:

Miss Hodgson – I am Enough:

Wellbeing Remote Learning 

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 25.1.21 PDF

Wellbeing KS2 25.1.21 PDF

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 18.1.21

Wellbeing KS2 18.1.21

Wellbeing EYFS – KS1 11.1.21

Wellbeing KS2 11.1.21

Wellbeing Whole School 1.2.21 PDF

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 8.2.21 PDF1

Wellbeing KS2 8.2.21 PDF1

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 22.2.21 PDF

Wellbeing KS2 22.2.21 PDF

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 1.3.21 PDF

Wellbeing KS2 1.3.21 PDF

Wellbeing 8.3.21 PDF

Wellbeing 15.3.21

Wellbeing 22.3.21

Wellbeing 12.4.21

Wellbeing 19.4.21


Useful Information 

A guide to looking after yourself and others during Covid – 19

Coronavirus – A book for children

Dave the dog is worried about Coronavirus