Children’s Mental Health Week – 1.2.21 – 7.2.21

Important Information for Parents

DailyXpress sessions run by MYA’s Raise Team these will be streamed every day at 11:30-12:00. Each session will cover an aspect of emotional wellbeing , including a fun challenge or creative activity that all the family can participate in.

Monday – Mixed Monday:

Tuesday – Talk Tuesday:

Wednesday – What number Wednesday?:

Thursday – Tame it Thursday:

Friday – Feel good Friday:


Last year we decorated our homes with rainbows to bring a smile to people’s faces. This year we would like to decorate Liverpool with hearts to brighten someone’s day.

Can you decorate a heart, write or draw all the positive things such as things that make you and your family happy and then display it in your window? Take a photo, upload it to Twitter or email your teacher and let’s spread some positivity and make someone smile.

#heartsofliverpool PDF

Stories read by EYFS staff for Children’s Mental Health Week 

Mrs Thornton – Ruby’s Worry:

Miss Richardson – The Colour Monster:

Mrs Balmer – The Worrysaurus:

Mrs Williams – Don’t Worry Little Crab:

Miss Wright – The Lion Inside:

Awa – reading a story in French:

Miss Hodgson – I am Enough:

Wellbeing Remote Learning 

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 25.1.21 PDF

Wellbeing KS2 25.1.21 PDF

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 18.1.21

Wellbeing KS2 18.1.21

Wellbeing EYFS – KS1 11.1.21

Wellbeing KS2 11.1.21

Wellbeing Whole School 1.2.21 PDF

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 8.2.21 PDF1

Wellbeing KS2 8.2.21 PDF1

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 22.2.21 PDF

Wellbeing KS2 22.2.21 PDF

Wellbeing EYFS-KS1 1.3.21 PDF

Wellbeing KS2 1.3.21 PDF

Wellbeing 8.3.21 PDF

Wellbeing 15.3.21

Wellbeing 22.3.21

Wellbeing 12.4.21

Wellbeing 19.4.21

Wellbeing 26.4.21

Wellbeing 3.5.21

Wellbeing 10.5.21

Wellbeing 17.5.21

Wellbeing 24.5.21

Wellbeing 21.6.21

Wellbeing 28.6.21


Useful Information 

A guide to looking after yourself and others during Covid – 19

Coronavirus – A book for children

Dave the dog is worried about Coronavirus