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Our Vision

We are strong believers in the impact of Art and Design at Monksdown Primary School as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. It provides children with opportunities to develop and extend skills to express their individual interests and ideas, whilst also contributing to the development of the child emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and socially.

High quality art education equips children with the skills to explore, experiment, create and invent their own work of art whilst engaging, inspiring and challenging pupils. As artists, children should be able to critically evaluate their work and the work of others, taking influence from well-known artists and adapting their work accordingly. As their skill set progresses, they should understand how art has changed their landscape, culture and history.


Examples of Art Work


Batik Design – painting and peeling off the wax.

Art and design: Stone age art, Lambananas 

Children used water colours to paint their own desert background

Greek Vases