Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

School Uniform


We encourage all of our pupils to wear a school uniform to establish a corporate identity within the community; to ensure sensible, safe standards of dress for the children and to encourage a sense of both personal and school pride.  We expect and encourage high standards of personal appearance at Monksdown.

General points on uniform and dress:

  • Please mark all clothing clearly with your child’s name .  Printed labels can be ordered on the internet however, handwritten names are perfectly acceptable (please regularly check that names are still visible throughout the year).
  • Sturdy black shoes (training shoes are not suitable).
  • Sweatshirts and t-shirts can be purchased from  local
    clothing stores located on Muirhead Avenue


Red polo top with school logo  
Grey skirt or Grey trousers  
Navy sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo  
Black sensible school shoes (no trainers)  



Red/white checked dress or grey trousers/shorts  
or grey skirt; navy sweatshirt/cardigan
with school logo
Red polo shirt with school logo  
Black sensible school shoes (no trainers)  



Girls – Hair should be tied up and tidy

Boys – Hair should be neat and tidy with no extreme hair cuts e.g. shaved patterns etc.

Small gold or silver stud earings may be worn.  No other jewellery is allowed

Nail varnish is not allowed to be worn in school

A sensible school coat is also required.

Please do not send your child in expensive coats, hats, scarfs etc.  Children are responsible for their own items of clothing.  School accepts no responsibility for items that are misplaced.


Uniforms are available from UnitForm or Alpha Schoolwear online or at the Muirhead Avenue shop.

Brienda Schoolwear
74 Muirhead Avenue East
L11 1EL
Tel: 0151 226 3333

We will be opening from 15th June onwards. 
We will be extending our opening times from when usually the six weeks holidays start, moreover, we will open for longer hours on Sundays.
Parents can shop online or in store.
Online shopping can be delivered or collected in store.
Alternatively, parents can shop in store, however, strict social distancing rules will be in place and parents may have to queue outside for a small while to avoid congestion in store.