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Reading at Monksdown

We love Reading! Please take a second to look at our Reading Newsletters to see what AMAZING things we have been doing in Reading at Monkdown this year

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Reading Prizes

Check out our this out! at Monksdown, the child who has won the reading prize of the month gets to pick a book from our FANTASTIC, AMAZING book vending machine!

Author of the Month

Each Month we have an ‘Author of the Month’ where we celebrate and introduce the children of Monksdown to some amazing writers and poets!


Roald Dahl


Levi Tafari


Forgotten Authors


Teachers Choice 



Why Not Try


National Story Telling Week (31st January-4th February)

National Story Telling Week has helped to bring language alive at Monksdown. It really has been a fun-filled, action packed week. The children have been writing and telling their own stories using the skills we have seen used by professional storytellers. We have used dance to celebrate and tell the story of Chinese new year. Some of the older children have been to read to our younger classes, sharing stories they enjoyed when they were younger. Children loved the challenge of recreating a scene from a book using small world props and Lego.

Can you guess what story each Tuft Tray is showing?

Virtual Author Visits