Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Class 1.2 (Miss Staplehurst)



Welcome to Year 1 Class 2 

Our teacher is Miss Staplehurst. Our teaching assistant is Miss Burke


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Learning Letter


Winter 2023

Spring 2021

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Autumn 2020

Week of 09/11/2020: 1.2 are becoming so much more independent recently. Look at all this amazing work we’ve been doing during our choose time this week.

Week of 09/11/2020: Children went on an autumn walk and searched for all things autumn. We collected a range of autumn features and made comparisons to the summer months.

Week of 09/11/2020: 1.2 discovered something strange in the school ground this week… a giant egg! We searched the school grounds for clues including giant footprints. When we got back to class we found footprints, a burnt letter and lots of cracked eggs. We concluded that the visitor must have been a dragon by piecing together all the different clues.

Week of 09/11/2020: 1.2 made some poppies and wrote some beautiful poems this week.

Week of 09/11/2020: 1.2 was transformed into a court room where we put Guy Fawkes on trial. We had a hurt, audience, witness stand and a judge. We concluded that Guy Fawkes was guilty and sent his to jail.  Click on the link to see the full trial. 

Week of 28/09/2020: After reading the book Lost and found by Oliver Jeffers, the children have been getting into character during continuous provision through role play, small world and construction. We did some hot seating too where we asked questions to the little boy in the story.

Week of 28/09/2020: In geography we learnt what is meant by a physical and human factor. These images were taken by the children when we were searching for physical and human factors in the schools grounds. Can you spot which pictures are human and which are physical?

Week of 28/09/2020: We have been learning to sort in a variety of different ways in our maths lessons.

Week of 28/09/2020: We used musical instruments to recreate the different weather conditions in The Journey by Neil Griffiths. We chose different instruments for the crashing waves and the drip dropping noise of the raindrops and used our instruments differently for effect.

Week of 28/09/2020: We went on a Summer walk outside and collected lots of different items that we would see in summer time. We made observational drawings and prints of the different items we have collected. .

Summer 2020

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Spring 2020

Week of 08/03/2020: R2 have been learning the story of Rapunzel in Literacy. During choose time the children have built Rapunzel’s tower in the construction area.

Week of 01/03/2020: R2 are turning our role play into a castle. We are learning the story of Rapunzel and at the end of March we will be visiting Chirk Castle.

Week of 24/02/2020: R2 had a fantastic Pancake Day. We designed healthy and unhealthy pancakes. Had pancake races in PE and created our own delicious pancakes with lots of sprinkles and sauce.

Week of 09/02/2020: R2 joined in with internet safety day, we watched hectors world and learned the importance of staying safe on computers and iPads.

Week of 02/02/2020: R2 had a fantastic day at Croxteth Park for our winter walk. We explored around us looking for clues to show it is winter. We enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm up and had a picnic.

Week of 26/01/2020: R2 have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year this week. Me made Chinese lanterns, cooked vegetable noodles, made red glittery play dough.

Week of 13/01/2020: R2 have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We made a story map and have learned all of the actions.

Autumn 2019

Week of 08/12/2019: R2 Christmas time had begun. We have had a fabulous week doing Christmas funky fingers, practicing our phonics and writing, decorating our class Christmas tree and singing Christmas songs.

Week of 08/12/2019: R2 enjoyed their Christmas stay and play. The children worked so hard learning lots of Christmas songs, they sang so beautifully and put on a fantastic performance.

Week of 08/12/2019: Christmas jumper day.

Week of 02/12/2019: R2 Father Christmas came to surprise us. He brought two of his elves, Patch and Star and also two of his reindeer.

Week of 25/11/2019: R2 had a fantastic day out at at Imagine That. We made slime, painted fridge magnets, saw a science show and got to play in the imagination play area.

Week of 12/11/2019: After a rainy morning and a wet lunch we enjoyed some playtime on the new slides and climbing frame.

Week of 12/11/2019: Croxteth Park

Week of 04/11/2019: We used wallpaper to practice our phonics. We did lots of climbing and balancing in PE and enjoyed playing with our friends.

Week of 04/11/2019: R2 Stay and play in reception. Parents as partners.

Week of 04/11/2019: Our funky fingers had a spooky theme this week.  Lots of children in R2 enjoy playing and with numicon and building in the construction area.

Week of 22/10/2019: This week we have been learning all about dinosaurs. We read “Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs” and have been writing sentences about the story. We have been hunting for fossils and making dinosaurs models with play dough.

Week of 15/10/2019: This week in R2 we have been learning the story of The Magic Porridge Pot. We made our own pots out of clay and decorated them. In literacy we followed a porridge recipe and made our own sweet, delicious porridge for our snack.

Week of 30/09/2019: The rain doesn’t stop us playing outside

Week of 30/09/2019: R2 making ice-creams

Week of 30/09/2019: 

Week of 23/09/2019: R2 have been learning about our senses this week in literacy and we have been creating patterns in maths.

Week of 16/09/2019: R2 Outside fun

Week of 16/09/2019: R2 Funky fingers

Week of 16/09/2019: R2 Lots of fun in our first week in Reception

Week of 16/09/2019: R2 have had a lovely first week settling into Monksdown. We played inside and outside and even the sun was shining.

Week of 16/09/2019: R2 Our first week in RG