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The content of our school curriculum in each academic year for every subject, including Religious Education can be found on our Curriculum pages, along with the key skills expected from each yeargroup:
Monksdown Primary Curriculum


The Staff and Governors of Monksdown Primary School aim to tailor education to individual need, interest and aptitude so as to fulfill every child’s potential. Every pupil will have access to a rich, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. It is used to increase pupil’s knowledge, skills and understanding as they grow, develop and become more aware of the world around them. Our curriculum is enhanced by a vast range of exciting and informative visits and visitors, including our Year 6 residential trip to Coniston Water Park.

It is carefully planned and structured, to ensure that learning is continuous, ensuring pupils make good progress and achieve high standards in English and Maths.  At Monksdown Primary School we strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to prepare our pupils with the skills and attitudes that will help them become successful, happy and confident independent learners. We do this by providing rich and varied learning experiences which help develop their skills and abilities, enabling them to lead happy and rewarding lives and become responsible future citizens.

As a school we feel that we should not only to cover the National Curriculum but also develop skills and values that are particular to our children. Our school values encourage the pupils to be: Responsible, Resilient, Respectful and Resourceful; these ideals are central to our school ethos. We are working with our pupils to develop a collective understanding of our school values and a vision to prepare themselves for the future.


Phonics and Reading Schemes:

Reading skills are developed at all stages, from nursery, where early reading skills are practised, to Year 6 where higher order skills are taught and extended. We use a wide range of publishers and reading schemes across all key stages.

The main teaching approach for learning to read is tightly structured using “Letters and Sounds”. Pupils are taught reading through shared, guided and individual sessions. Pupils are taught to use a range of reading strategies in order to self correct, problem solve and become independent and fluent. Pupils are encouraged to practise reading at home.

We have two trained Reading Recovery teachers on the staff and use the principles and pedagogy of Reading Recovery throughout the school. Pupils are assessed using PM benchmarking, assessing pupil progress (APP) and published tests.

We have a well resourced school library which is used by all pupils and have attractive and inviting reading areas.

Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum our school is following by speaking to their child’s class teacher or the school office.