Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Year 4 Class 3 (Mr Allen)


Welcome to Year 4 Class 3 (Mr Allen)

Our teacher is Mr Allen and our teaching assistant is Mrs Parr..


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Spring 2021

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Autumn 2020

Month of 12/2020: Tday we looked at the features of Edvard Munch’s ‘Winter’ and discussed how they are similar to other pieces of his work. We then tried to recreate ‘Winter’ using the same techniques and colours as Edvard Munch.

Week of 08/11/2020: History – We loved researching different events in the 17th Century and then plotting them on our timelines.

Week of 08/11/2020: English – Identifying and using time adverbial is a great way to add interest to our writing.

Week of 08/11/2020: Maths Using resources is a great way to help us understand our work.

Week of 08/11/2020: We love to read in our quiet area.

Week of 05/10/2020: We’ve been designing our own Buzzer Game. Lot’s of lessons learnt along the way (it was not as easy as we first thought) but in the end we now have some fantastic ideas to move forward with.

Week of 05/10/2020: Our fitness topic continues, this week – strength! Primary PE or boot camp Either way the children love the topic and work really hard every single week.

Week of 07/09/2020: All children have come back to school eager and willing to work hard. It has been a fantastic start to the year Class 4.3.

Week of 07/09/2020: Our new fitness topic got everybody moving and working hard. We all took our resting heart rate and felt how it changed throughout the lesson.

Summer 2020

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Spring 2020

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Week of 01/03/2020: World Book Day

Week of 01/03/2020: 3.2 enjoyed learning all about shrove Tuesday and loved eating delicious pancakes.

Week of 01/03/2020: 3.2 learnt how to make box folds and mouth folds for making pop up cards as part of our DT lessons.

Week of 01/03/2020: 3.2 making edible soil as part of our science lessons.

Week of 09/02/2020: 3.2 visited the Anglican Cathedral and Synagogue to study religious symbols

Week of 26/01/2020: 3.2 learned about mental health. They discussed how different emotions can influence their choices.

Autumn Term 2019

Week of 25/11/2019: investigating friction in Science.

Week of 25/11/2019: 3.2 keeping fit and healthy doing their daily mile.

Week of 25/11/2019: 3.2 problem solving in Mathematics.

Week of 25/11/2019: 3.2 sketching trees as part of our Artist study of Peter Doig.

Week of 12/11/2019: 3.2 have been making Greek kebabs linking to their text about Daedalus and Icarus that they have been studying in English.

Week of 12/11/2019: 3.2 went on a trip to the Mersey Ferry and Albert Dock as part of our Local History topic.

Week of 22/10/2019: 3.2 have been developing their balancing, climbing and vaulting skills in PE.

Week of 22/10/2019: 3.2 have been learning all about the Author and illustrator Quentin Blake

 Week of 09/10/2019: Art – Repeated patterns

 Week of 09/10/2019: Palace ponies & Music

Summer Term 2019

Week of 15/07/2019: 2BY assembly for parents about Christopher Columbus -21st June 2019


Week of 15/07/2019: Science – investigating different habitats

Week of 15/07/2019: Making fruit pizzas

Week of 15/07/2019: Maths – classifying shapes – branching databases

Week of 08/07/2019: Who was Christopher Columbus Assembly

Week of 08/07/2019: Rotation practical activity

Week of 08/07/2019: Researching Habitats

2BY Researching Habitats

Week of 13/05/2019: We have been learning Zootime in Music, and have so far learned to sing the song, and play its chords on glockenspiel. Next week its ukulele!

 Week of 13/05/2019: Croxteth Park Trip

2BY on a trip to Croxteth Park

Spring Term 2019

Week of 01/04/2019:  Animal Farm

2BY Animal farm

Week of 01/04/2019:  Recycling

2by Recycling

Week of 01/04/2019:  Practicing whole part model

2BY Practicing whole part model

Week of 18/03/2019: Art created by year 2. They are sculptures based on the work of Anthony Gormley.

Lucy and Amelia for their science design

2BY Lucy and Amelia for there science. DesignWeek of 18/03/2019: Our super star of the week for working really hard…. Alfie Conroy

2BY Our super star of the week for working really hard.... Alfie Conroy

Week of 03/03/2019: We played Ukulele, learning the chords C and F. Those of us confident enough played the F chord in the song whilst those of us who wanted more practice played the C chord of the song.

Week of 25/02/2019: Our end term song. I’m a spring chicken.

2BY our end term song . I'm a spring chicken

Week of 04/02/2019: We are learning to write a letter of persuasion

2BY We are learning to write a letter of persuasion

Week of 28/01/2019: 2BY measuring cm and meters



Week of 28/01/2019: our story map on AladdinIMG-4416 IMG-4417 Autumn Term 2018

We will miss you Mr. O’Sullivan.


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