Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Year 3 Class 1 (Mr Haughey)


Welcome to Year 3 Class 1 (Mr Haughey)

Our teacher is Mr Haughey and our teaching assistants are Mrs Gorman and Mrs Connolly.

Spring 2021

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Autumn 2020

Month of 12/2020: We enjoyed dressing up in our Christmas jumpers.

Month of 12/2020: Art week. Claude Monet

Month of 12/2020: Handwriting and Reading Plus

Month of 12/2020: We enjoyed making pizzas with Apple of My Eye

Month of 12/2020: We had fun watching the virtual pantomime – Lost in Limbo Land

Month of 12/2020: We made our own Christmas trees and decorated them

Week of 08/11/2020: 

Week of 18/10/2020: 3.1 Art – Learning how to shade before drawing fruit.

Week of 11/10/2020: In Geography we found out about human and physical features.

Week of 05/10/2020: 3.1 have been practicing moving between the C chord and the F chord on ukulele. We have been learning to play Everybody Wants to Steal My Girl in our Music lessons.

Week of 28/09/2020:

Week of 14/09/2020: 

Summer 2020

No updates due to Covid-19 closure

Spring 2020

Click here for the Year 2 Homework Grid Spring 2

Week of 08/03/2020: Dirty Hands

Week of 02/02/2020:

Week of 02/02/2020: Counting in 3’s

Week of 02/02/2020: Finding half

Week of 02/02/2020: Learning Fractions

Week of 02/02/2020: Learning to skip

Week of 02/02/2020: We grew our own vegetables.

Week of 02/02/2020: We made pizza with Joe.

Week of 13/01/2020: We performed Hands Feet Heart on percussion instruments and with our voices. We will soon be learning it on ukulele too!


Autumn Term 2019

Week of 04/11/2019: After doing self portraits we changed how we look by making a mask.

Week of 22/20/2019: Maths – Using a number line and the whole part model to add and subtract 2-digit numbers.

2.2 - maths - using a number line and the whole part model to add and subtract 2-digit numbers

Week of 15/10/2019: Art self portraits (mixing paint to match our skin colour)

Week of 24/09/2019: Class 1 used iPads to search for summer related search terms on safari and Google. Children then viewed the search results ranging from images to local shops on the maps page.
Children later used Youtube as a learning by watching youtubers draw various ice creams, and trying to draw those designs themselves.

Week of 24/09/2019: Counting in threes – talk task

Week of 24/09/2019: Music with Mr Wilson

 Week of 16/09/2019: 2.2 Using search terms in Google

Summer Term 2019

 Week of 08/07/2019: Talk for Writing – Highlighting new words

 Week of 08/07/2019: Croxteth Park

 Week of 08/07/2019: Planting broad bean plants

 Week of 08/07/2019: Investigation into what plants need

 Week of 08/07/2019: Hook for Where the Wild Things Are – Investigating mysterious cave.

Spring Term 2019

Week of 25/03/2019

1U beebot

Week of 18/03/2019: Animal Hunt

1U Animal hunt and Palm Sunday

Week of 18/03/2019: Palm Sunday

1U Animal hunt and Palm Sunday (2)

Week of 18/03/2019

1u emergency

Week of 11/03/2019

1U Art
1U COmputing

Week of 03/03/2019:


Week of 05/03/2019: Pancake Day

Week of 05/03/2019: 1U Science – sorting animals

Week of 05/03/2019: Year 1 making pancakes!

Week of 28/1/2019: Children writing about settings in their Hot Task

Week of 21/01/2019: 1U have been learning the basics of ukulele and keyboard in Music

Autumn Term 2018

It was great fun creating an action painting in the same way Jackson Pollock used to do.

IMG_0161 (1) IMG_0139 (1) IMG_0127 (1)

We have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. We tried different ways of creating art that looked like his action paintings.

IMG_9889  IMG_9886 IMG_9885