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Reading Events At Monksdown


Reading Events At Monksdown

Recent and Upcoming Events

Monksdown Book Fair

17th November- 24th November

Reading Advent Calendar (1stDecember -21st December) National Storytelling Week

31st January 2022

Year 3 Harry Potter Book Night

17th February

World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March


National Storytelling Week (31st January-4th February)

Pictures and Tweets Coming Soon

Helpful and Interesting links to support your storytelling skills


Dive into the Young Readers Story Club

This collection of short films features some fantastic storytellers, poets, writers and illustrators telling exciting stories.

Each video has a different theme and a fun challenge to complete. The stories can be used in the classroom or at home, and you can build on them to introduce different themes and genres.

They can also be used to support children to create their own stories to share. Check it out here.

Hear about how author Helena Pielichaty writes characters in her stories in this Facebook Live

Children and their families can tune into the Facebook Live session with Helena Pielichaty and CBBC Match of the Day Kickabout presenter Ben Shires live on our Facebook page at 10.30am on Tuesday 2 February to hear all about Helena’s books, and how she creates and develops her characters.

You will also find football themed reading and writing activities during Storytelling Week on

Support early years children in telling stories

Children make sense of the world around them through stories. Creative storytelling involves children making up their own stories based on their interests, experiences and imagination.

Support early years children to tell more stories in your setting by using our top tips here.

Share your  favourite stories with The Reading Tree Challenge

This challenge can be done all year round and is a beautiful and visual way of sharing stories.

Pupils are encouraged to write the name of a book they have read on a blank leaf, rate it out of five stars and add it to the bare branches of The Hope Tree, giving pupils the chance to showcase and celebrate all the stories they have been exploring while watching the tree grow.

Find out more here

Explore these 28 ways to turn children into storytellers

Take a look at this fantastic StoryQuest resource, packed with original ideas and fun activities to turn children into storytellers. Created by Kate Norgate of The Crick Crack Club in association with Children & the Arts.

Find out more here.

Write an Alex Rider adventure story

If you have Alex Rider fans in your class, why not challenge them to write their own Alex Rider adventure story?

You will find a story writing kit and accompanying resources with lots of ideas for how the tasks can be incorporated into class time. Find out more here.

Download free River of Stories collection

The A River of Stories anthologies can strengthen your pupils’ imaginations, critical thinking, and their ability to participate in culturally diverse local and global communities.

Each volume contains a story or poem from each of the fifty-three countries in the Commonwealth. The themes of the stories and poems are based on four key elements that sustain our planet: water, earth, air and fire.

These are great for sharing with your child , you can read them aloud together or come together to discuss the themes following independent reading time. Find out more here.


Write a story for a dear new friend

My Dear New Friend is our letter writing project which encourages children to exchange letters with older adults in care homes to increase children’s motivation to write and to help combat loneliness among older adults.

Why not encourage your pupils to write down a funny story or happy memory in a letter to a dear new friend, it’s sure to make someone’s day.

Find our resources and templates as well as information on how your class can get involved with the project and connect with a local care home here


Monksdown Book Fair

Thank you to all who came and purchased books. We raised a total of £675.00 in book sales.


World Book Day 2021…Not at Monksdown. We had a BOOK WEEK!

Not even a lockdown could stop us celebrating our love of books

Masked Monday

To quote Joel Dommett “Who’s that behind the mask…?” Can you work out which adults at Monksdown Primary are reading the stories to you on the videos?









Talking Tuesday

Look out for some book reviews of your teacher’s most loved books.




If you’re feeling brave…maybe YOU could record a review of one of your most loved books or stories


Join the special David Walliams Assembly Today at 10:30am. Click on the writing below to find the Live Assembly Link

David Walliams Assembly Tuesday 2nd March Half Past 10


‘Why not’ Wednesday

Why not have a go at making a “Book in a Box”. Click on the writing below to get some inspiration…

A Book In A Box Ideas



Join the Share a Story LIVE event at 10:30am. Click on the writing below to find the Live link
Share a Story Live event Books that make you LOL


Thoughtful Thursday

Join the Share a Story LIVE event at 10:30am. Click on the writing below to find the Live link

Share a Story Live event Bringing Books to life


Fancy Dress Friday

Today we will be having TWO live meetings. One at your normal time of either 9:30am or 10am AND another one at 2pm to show off any work you have done today!

Join the Share a Story LIVE event at 10:30am. Click on the writing below to find the Live link

Share a Story Live event Books in the Real World


Today we will be following activities on our World Book Day Plans. Please find your class’s plan here.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

World Book Day Year 1

Year 2 World Book Day Plan 05.03.21 World Book Day Year 3 Year 4 World Book Day Year 5 World Book Day Kid Normal Year 6 World Book Day
Additional World Book Day Activities

World Book Day Additional Activities