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Monksdown Primary School

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Musical Futures Champion School Status

D0U4ikBXQAAU8sLWe are very proud to announce that Mr Wilson has been awarded ‘Musical Futures Champion Teacher’ Status, and his efforts have also secured our school the ‘Musical Futures Champion School’ status! We are the 15th UK school to receive this worldwide recognised award, and the only UK primary school outside of London to be awarded this accolade so far.

Musical Futures lessons involve playing real world instruments such as keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drumkit, percussion and electric instruments to modern and relevant songs as a whole class. Children change instruments both during and in different lessons, and culminate their efforts in a final lesson performance.

Mr Wilson said, “I am very proud of how our children rise to such a high level music performance in class, which requires strong ensemble/listening skills. The children show clear resilience to the musical tasks they face every lesson, they know its challenging, but they always find it enjoyable, and the final lesson performances leave the children on a high every time”.

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