Monksdown Primary School

Monksdown Primary School

Extra News!


TT Rock Star News April

We now have 9 Rock Heroes (up 1 from last week) and 26 Rock Legends (up 1 from last week)

School position in the League Table has dropped to 13th place and our school mean studio speed 
has dropped from 5.36 seconds per question to 6.03.
Special Mention – New Children on the leaderboard this week for the first time are:
Daisy Conway Year 5
Olivia Cowan   Year 6
Come on children let’s get back up that league table, everyone try to go on TT Rock Stars once a day!
Name Status Time
1st Malek Benesa Rock Hero 0.62
2nd  James Geraghty Rock Hero 0.68
3rd Artin Kananian Rock Hero 0.71
4th Dylan Foster Rock Hero 0.80
5th Jason He Rock Hero 0.89
6th James Mcgorrin Rock Hero 0.94
7th Taylor Steer Rock Hero 0.95
7th Sadie Murphy Rock Hero 0.95
9th Aswinn Ravichanddra Rock Hero 0.98
10th Reece He Rock Legend 1.03
11th Sonnie Brearley Rock Legend 1.04
12th Luke Griffiths Rock Legend 1.05
13th Eloim Pollaa Rock Legend 1.10
14th Mateusz Gulewicz Rock Legend 1.12
15th Devansh Kala Rock Legend 1.32
16th Max Hutchings Rock Legend 1.41
17th Daisy Conway Rock Legend 1.44
18th Olivia Cowan Rock Legend 1.46
19th Liam Mccann Rock Legend 1.47
20th Wade Douglas Rock Legend 1.48


  School time
1st West Derby School 2.58
2nd Croxteth Community Primary School 3.03
3rd St John Bosco Arts College 3.15
4th Ernest Cookson School 3.25
4th Leamington Community Primary School, Liverpool 3.58
6th St Teresa Of Lisieux Catholic Primary School, Liverpool 3.81
7th St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School, Liverpool 4.55
8th Bank View High School 5.07
9th Corinthian Community Primary School 5.34
9th St Cecilia’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool 5.50
11th St Mary’s CE Primary School, West Derby 5.77
12th Blackmoor Park Junior School 5.95
13th Monksdown Primary School 6.03
14th Lister Junior School 6.16
15th Wellesbourne Community Primary School, Liverpool 6.76
16th Broad Square Primary School 7.60
17th St Paul’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool 7.70
18th Ranworth Square Primary School 9.15
19th Lister Infant and Nursery School 32.46