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Art Competition

Due to our current situation, a lot of what we are seeing is through an open or closed window. Lots of incredible artists have created wonderful pieces of artwork from this perspective and it was made widely popular by the Romantic Artists in the nineteenth century.

I want you to imagine that your window is a picture frame, carefully framing your surroundings. What shapes can you see?

What colours are there?

Are there people in your frame?

Is there anything of interest in your frame?

What is the lighting like in your frame?

I am challenging all children, parents and teachers of Monksdown to create a piece of art entitled “A Room with a View”. You may use any medium that you wish. It can be a sketch, painting, drawing, collage, print, 3D  sculpture, a photograph that you have developed further, anything you may have in your home.

After I have collated all of the artwork, we will be creating a “Virtual Art Gallery” over on our school website to celebrate your work. Please email all finished pieces to me at, or alternatively tweet them to me either at @MissSpalvieri92 or @MonksdownSchool. Deadline is Friday 29th May. Looking forward to seeing your finished pieces.
Miss Spalvieri – Art Lead